Consensus, full National Electoral Council (CNE) has accepted the request of the delegates on May 3, 2022 Andian Choco. The community of six parishes preaches one Referendum To ban metal mining in Quito.

Plenary has heard and approved the report of CNE’s law department. The document recommends accepting the request, directing the National Technical Coordination for Political Participation to prepare the format of the form and coordinate electoral processes to determine the percentage and number of signatures required.

Since the request is fulfilled Requirements “It is appropriate to provide the forms.” Applicants will have 180 days to deliver Supporting rubricCNE President said, Diana Atamint.

Nono, Calacali, Nanegalito, Nanegal, Gualia and the Commonwealth of the Treaty Andian Choco. Their representatives noted that 12 mining companies were affecting the area.

Chocó Andino was announced as the seventh in 2018 Biosphere reservesBy the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Delay in form delivery

Commonwealth representatives or attorneys who did not submit a request, Theolinda Street, They were satisfied. They question whether CNE should be provided with the format this Tuesday.

“It simply came to our notice then Unreasonable delay of CNE. They said they would give us the form, not that they were just going to decide to complete the form. We will not wait another day, we will take legal action, “he warned. Sylvia BonillaAttorney for the petitioners, while giving a statement to the press outside CNE.

They will file a claim Constitutional Court Because two months have passed since the favorable opinion and it was complied with immediately after the notification was given to CNE, he explained.

“Although the report was approved, they did not give us a date. We demand our right to give a date and do it as soon as possible, “Cale said.

Quito without mine This is the team that supports the Commonwealth. Manai Prado, coordinator of the volunteers, said more than 500 people were ready to collect signatures at more than 55 designated collection points in the Quito district.

“We need about 200,000 valid signatures, we aim to collect about 400,000 to 500,000 signatures,” Prado added.

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