Two English stuntmen, Whitaker and Randall, are crossing a 2,500-foot bridge to take advantage of the anti-vibration crack from traffic.

Whittaker and Randall, hard work.
Whittaker and Randall, hard work.RAY wood
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A bridge. S, a bridge. Cement bridge. Quite wide with a long bridge, 762 meters, and three lanes on each side. On the M5 motorway over the Exe River in the south of the UK. You can cross by truck, car or motorcycle or even illegally, by bicycle or on foot. They can jump from l. You can take pictures. You can only see. And est. Don’t ?. “Of course a bridge can be measured,” said Arohi Pete Whitaker Conversation with the world and the answer is a question: “What ?!”.

Down the middle, reset the vibrations of traffic through the crack, he and his friend Tom Randall They have invented a new specialty and in this they opened a route last spring. It took them four days and four nights, but yes, yes, they did scale a bridge. “I know it’s ridiculous and stupid, but it’s also a great achievement to climb the world,” Whittaker said, forcing the second question: “Why did they do it?”

“Epidemics because of the United States, the great stone walls to travel could, which was our goal, and all day we thought: ‘Near the house is a great way if there is Imagine.” And well, we have found it. From the beginning, it is very encouraging because it made us face many physical and logistical constraints, “explained Whitaker, Randall, who was formed in conjunction with the wide Boys, one of the best couple in the world, the ultimate crack expert. With so much to attack their own marketing and sales materials for the accession to the ‘Bridge Boys’ project began as entertainment for a couple and reel a Rock epidemic ended as a documentary, traveling in the ‘Outdoor’. Film Festival, now in Spain who are moving around.

Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid: After passing through Sevilla, Badajoz and other cities, the movie Granada (Megarama Cinema) is seen this Tuesday, on San Sebastián Thursday (Trueba), in Sant Llus, Menorca Friday (Talayotic). Monkey on), Monday in Bilbaro (Bilborock) and then in Zaragoza, Ibiza, Pamplona, ​​Cuenca, Benasque 23 …


According to Whitaker, he has already climbed several small bridges for recreation or even training, but did not consider it a real challenge. Among the difficulties that have been found, it is not always so easy to see horizontally, logically, and many other obstacles with the naked eye.

“The bridge has moved quite a bit away from the vehicles passing over it. For example, when a large truck passes, the structure vibrates, compresses and expands so that a crack that was good suddenly deteriorates. This kind of thing never happens. No rock climb, it was a rarity we had to get used to, “discovered Whitaker, who also pointed to the dust as a barrier:” A lot of people told us that the noise bothered us, but surprisingly we got used to it. I noticed when it was closed. It was worse that there was dirt, dust, scars on our eyes. We had to wear protective goggles to be able to see. ”

“Actually, what was interesting was that we were in a completely unknown area, for us and for someone. Because of the rarity of the place and it was an unprecedented achievement: no one had ever climbed such a long roof. We had to train. Especially and then, Whitaker assured, Who could have opened a whole universe to us? “Run”. Having already discovered the climbing bridge, he and Randall can now launch themselves on the Tower Bridge in London, which has already been acquired, the Pont Nouveau in Paris or even the United States. At the Golden Gate Bridge.

“No, no, we’re not going to climb the bridge anymore, there’s no point in doing it. We’ve already got the experience and we’ve closed that chapter. I like to explore other weird ideas and wildlife in climbing,” he concluded. Who has recently been a few days climbed by Norway. Apparently, by their experience, you can climb something. Near a bridge. S, a bridge.

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