In Chile they are still looking for a way to hide in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Byron CastilloPoint now Alexander Dominguez.

The nationality of the Barcelona team is the main theme of the Chilean ceremony. This time they consulted with DT Claudio Broghi, who directed the Liga de QuitoAnd he cites the white former goalkeeper as another allegation of irregular identities.

“Since I was the league coach, we went to play a game in Colombia and a lot of people came to greet him (Dominguez) at the hotel. He caught my attention and I asked him if he had many relatives there. And he said to me: Teacher, I am Colombian“We are all technicians in the program from TNT Sports Chile,” said the strategist.

The Argentine coach had an irregular passage Albo Painting, 2016. There it coincides with ‘Dida’Who was already part of the Ecuadorian team at the time.

“It’s a lot like playing for the league He worked as an Ecuadorian and was fired for two years, He applied and stayed for only six months, ”said the strategist, adding that the program was extended due to the Dominguez case.

Domínguez was fired in December 2007, by Ecuador Football Federation At that point, the disciplinary commission authorized the goalkeeper to change his identity.

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