The Public Transport Union of Santa Isabel, Ajua, has announced that they will be arriving in a motorized caravan in Cuenca. Photo: Lineida Castillo / EL COMERCIO

Of Zone 6 Ministry Of Education Instructed to postpone face-to-face classes throughout the entire canton BasinAjuai Province, for this Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24, 2022. 147,518 students Virtual class.

This action was taken in the face of this announcement The camera Of Transportation In the wake of the national strike this Wednesday, June 22, due to the suspension of two buses for suspending city services until further notice. No.

According to chamber leaders, they stopped the buses because they put the user and the unit at risk; And they have made it clear that they will launch the service as soon as the situation in the country improves.

Dr. through a statement Zonal Of Education He said face-to-face classes have been postponed for the safety of students, teachers and members of the education community. “All support will maintain the virtual class.”

Immediately, the authorities of the educational institution make the decision and send the communication to the parents. Several private education units have their final exams, so these two-day exams will be virtual.

More solidarity towards Cuenca

The Public transport And heavier than Ajuayo Canton St. Elizabeth He has announced that he will hold a rally on Thursday the 23rd Basin In a large motorized caravan in support of the national strike and in asserting their demands.

Protesters are expected to arrive in Cuenca at 12:00 and concentrate on Loza Avenue and 10D Augusto. From there they will proceed on foot Ajuai GovernorateTo deliver the request.

Prayer meeting for peace

Meanwhile, in the face of all the violent incidents, economic losses and paralysis of activities in general, archdiocese Of Basin This Thursday, June 23 is called Catholic Prayer Day.

The event is called “Prayer Meeting for Dialogue and Peace in Our Country” and there will be Eucharist at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. This also gives way to closing the public septenary.

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