Police motorized agents are walking the streets of the capital. They verify that civic order is maintained in those places. Photo: Diego Pallero / EL Commerceo

Getting out on the street, traveling by bus or going to a restaurant is not what it used to be. In Quito, for months, Fear Another human companion.

The Video A show that has been promoted through social networks Violent dynamic Which was not accustomed to the city.

Pictures of a young man stabbed to death by two criminals for stealing a cell phone last Tuesday, December 6, scare people to go out and ask for more Security To the authorities.

The Real Audience has more than 180 premises, in one of which, near Tufino, Maritza Brito was present. The business has been running for eight years and they have been attacked twice in the last one year. Towards the end of 2021, one of his diners broke into his car and stole a computer, and in March, an armed man entered and snatched customers’ cell phones and USD 150 in cash.

Maritza believes that there are people now Fear And don’t go out to eat. He assured that the business had improved towards the end of last year. Before the epidemic, it used to sell more than 100 meals a day, then the number dropped to zero and at the end of last year it started growing with 60 meals a day, but now it doesn’t even reach 50.

He has tried to organize with Local One to give to neighbors The watchman, But it will cost them USD 1,700 per month (for two guards for two shifts) and they do not have that money. According to him Ministry of GovernmentRobberies have increased in Quito over the past year. In the first three months of 2021, there were 1,274 cases.

There were 1,835 at the same time this year. The notion of insecurity on the streets is common. Dina Barcia, a member of the Quito neighborhood federation, said insecurity reigned throughout the city. Police did not arrive and both the government and the municipality abandoned Quito, he added.

Why can’t the police handle it?

Till last March, 51,310 people have been registered in the country. The police In which, a Metropolitan District of Quito 13,635 have been allocated, making it City With more Dressed in uniform From the country

Follows him Guayaquil With 8,097. Police Commander Faust Salinas Maintains that, in Quito, uniformed officers must perform additional tasks related to this. Civil coexistence. He assures them that they are dedicated to the service Public scandal Already withdrawn libators From the road, which takes time from the patrol.

ECU 911 keeps a record of the number of warnings regarding both errors since the Covid-19 epidemic began.

Understand this Frequency With the help of which the police are called to be present in these two types of emergencies.
According to these statistics, from March 2020 to May 2022, they only registered Quito 155,000 scams and 147,498 libertarian warnings.

They are the two most frequent inconsistencies in the city, well above Robbery Y. The crowd.

ECU 911 Director Juan Zapata explained that once a call is received, a file with basic data is opened and sent to the entity in charge of call management. Urgent.

Before that, virtually all calls were over The police Because it was determined by the catalog of events established by the ECU, but it was reformed last year. And now those that are compatible with the use and coexistence of public spaces have gone to municipal entities, he said.

Nonetheless, Japata acknowledged that due to a lack of personnel available to the Metropolitan Control Agency (AMC) and the Corps of Metropolitan Agents, many emergencies end up in the police. The first entity has 106 agents, including inspectors, trainers and street secretaries, and the second has 800 uniformed public spaces.

He added that it was important to provide oxygen The police And called on municipalities to strengthen control units in their areas


There is one more detail. The National Police Libertarians in public spaces do not have the power to approve it.

When uniformed men arrive, the only thing they can do is move people away.

Who can approve is AMC. So far this year, 44 people have been fined 50% of their salaries for releasing in public. However, according to the ECU, there are 21,197 warnings issued by liberators from January to May this year alone, so sanctions are not being enforced in all cases.

There are two reasons for this: The amount of work Which is at hand Entity And Less staff. Jaime Villacreses, AMC supervisor, explained that his team is responsible for monitoring compliance with all metropolitan regulations.

Some of the things approved are related to construction, security plan, not licensing all kinds of business. Also, advertising, street selling, improper use of public space and all violations such as littering the streets, washing cars on the streets, dumping debris in streams …
There are thousands of rules. And it has 162 associates, of whom 106 are on the streets controlling public spaces.

They manage to cover about 30 points across the district every day. So that there is one Total coverage, Overseer said he should have staff in each lane.

He considers it important to increase human talent and proposes another alternative: that the corps of metropolitan agents rely on the AMC, not the Security Secretariat. Thus, interventions may be better integrated considering the relationship of their functions.


This is another of the issues that police officers are sent to Conflict is responsible To sound
According to Salinas, this happens when a neighbor throws a party and raises the volume. In this case, the police also come, but the only thing they can do is they recommend reducing the volume, because they can’t even approve. The entity that controls noise is AMC, but it only works when there is extra noise from a commercial space.
In those cases, to be able to fine, they go with Environment Secretary MdNoise measurements need to be made to see if those decibels have really been exceeded.

The limit depends on the area in which it is found and the type of premises (usually 55 decibels at night and 60 decibels during the day) and fines range from two to eight pay.

But, what if it is a neighbor and not a local which causes a nuisance?

According to the environment, Dr. CaseIt will be a Public scandal And must call ECU 911, which follows protocol and sends the police.

Deputy Mayor Brit Vaka admitted, police said underutilized And that is AMC oversaturated Of work. He says it needs to be restructured and strengthened.

At the moment, he added, an ordinance is being worked on that would also allow agents of the Metropolitan Control Corps to approve. The police can be included.


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