The Holidays For this May 1 Less than 2022 left Emergency Reported and present compared to 2021 The reduction was 17% Although, there was Indicator That went up

From ECU 911 40,304 innovations were reported on the Sabbath. Last year they added 48,376. Guayaquil led 8,014 states of emergency; Quito, including 7,929; Basin, 1841; Including Ambato, 1,300 and Santo Domingo, 1,093.

In total, 30,287 events were related Civil security; 4 070, Healthcare management; 3 434, Transit and mobility And 1763, Municipal services

The ECU 911 has 6,800 video surveillance cameras nationwide. They are found in public places, such as tourist sites, parks, pedestrian and vehicular roads, beaches, spas, etc.

According to the Director of Integrated Security Services, John ZapataWhat implies incivities is a decrease of 37% in registered Scandal And inside libators, 10%. However, indicative Domestic violence Increased by 21%.

Shoes It was also stated in detail that 1,091,231 people had gathered at different places during the holiday Tourist destination The place with the highest number from Ecuador The audience: Villamil Beach, with 5,750; Salinas, 4,350; Atacams, 3,900; Chippipe, 3,450, among others.

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