Where a Pikachu is clear about the mural of Quito, the citizens request the magician in the mural of Guakil. Photo: Social Network

As it is known that in 1991 Historic center of Quito A mural was drawn featuring the face of a Pokemon, citizens did not stop sharing their reactions on social networks. Inside GuayaquilFor example, prank with a mural Majinger Z. 2022 for Julian vacation.

With a new urban industrial enterprise in Quito, Guayaquil They say – can’t stay behind. On Twitter, a citizen suggested Maginger for an October vacation. “Guayaquil has to rise to the occasion. I propose The messenger For the October holidays, ”he said.

Regarding drawing Pokemon in Quito, many have mentioned The messenger Z might be a good choice. A robot born in 1972 by the Japanese Go Nagai, which launched a photonic energy laser beam through its eyes to kill an enemy.

The mural was created by a Spanish artist in the capital Okuda San Miguel This is the first CaminArte project to restore urban heritage.

Okuda is known for his work with many colored geometric patterns. On this occasion, pay homage to the mural Calderon’s female embroideryNorth of Quito, and the special touch is a hat they wear with Pikachu’s face.


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