Citizen Participation Corporation has called on the authorities to refrain from using public funds in the re-election campaign. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

The Participating Corporation Citizens (CPC), managed by Ruth HidalgoThis Thursday, June 2, 2022 made a call Authority With purpose Re-election Executive urged What? Do not use public funds Upstairs Promotion Their appeal. According to the company, this refers to an initial benefit.

The CPC has issued a statement stating its consent Law In effect ElectoralSince there are announcements Election period A. 2023 Divisional Election In addition National Electoral Council (CNE)

So as to “avoid Inequality In Selection The organization that qualifies as a non-partisan organization appeals to the authorities who are going to choose for re-election.

Hidalgo asks “that they refrain from using public resources to promote their image or their name. Open Or delivery Drama“It maintains that” strict adherence to current regulations alone will strengthen democracy and promote an authority committed to morality and compliance with the law. “

Prohibition of requesting funds from officials

CPC Warrant is based on Article 219 Code of Democracy. This standard prohibits servants, employees, animals or government agencies Use Of I mean And for public products Promotion Their name or Organization The policy of the organization, work or project under their charge.

The same article also states that “it Forbidden At the request of that state institution Contributions Compulsory for a political organization or a candidate. “

Citizen Participation further warns that failure to comply with the ban will “create a situation of advantage expected from the officer / candidate compared to other potential candidates.”

According to CNE’s election schedule, Registration of candidates Will be in 22 August and 29 September Of the current year. When Election campaign Will be made from January 3 From 2023 to February 2 of that year.

In this regard, the company recommends waiting for the moment when all candidates will use “equal status”. Advertising ribbon Distributed by state and not before.

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