The deal cornered the Saudis, who only maintain support for the Asian tour. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

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Its the final movement DP World TourOld and punished European circuit, This is a decisive piece of the whole golf battle. At its headquarters Wentworth In recent weeks, he has come up with startling financial offers to break up his marriage (benefits). PGA Tour. When Keith found outThe top man, standing on his ground and saying “no” to the Saudi money and announcing to all the players on the European tour in Ireland that there would be a relationship with the PGA Tour Long travel and beneficial for everyone. The Pressure across the Atlantic They have been able to make more than money from the East and the CEO of DP World Tour has revealed some of the keys to the new alliance that will run until 2035.

An hour later, a meeting with the players and a joint press conference J. ManahThe Commissioner of PGA Tour, both of them explained the above agreement which will come into force later. 13 years: PGA Tour participation increased by up to 40% Television rights Via European Tour Production (previously 15%). There was a rumor yesterday that a statistic near the American circuit would be provided মিল 100 million Pie to make their share bigger. For its part, the European Circuit will have other interesting sports facilities for its members.

The first concrete measurement is that Race in Dubai DP World Tour Agreement Ten PGA Tour Cards From 2023. That is, by the end of the year, those in the top ten of the European rankings who no longer have a PGA Tour card will be part of the American circuit.

Also an important one Economic injection In the prize pool of the European circuit. In particular, the total increase for each season is estimated at approx মিল 30 millionOne million more will be distributed each week, an interesting figure though still far from 25 million that will be distributed to 48 players in LIV’s second test this week Portland. With this alliance, LIV puts itself at a slightly higher angle and loses an option according to the European tour. At the moment, the only ally he has left Asian Tour.

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