Christian Nodal Y. Belinda Although they announced their separation a few weeks ago, they continue to offer something to talk about. The singer was surprised with some statements so he admitted that they are still in touch. This is how the local media published on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Although the reason for the end of their promise is unknown. When they announced their separation, several media outlets spread theories about what could happen between them.

There were even celebrities who dared to comment on what happened and many agreed that Nodal had decided to end the engagement, but the truth is that none of them gave details about it.

Now, Christian Nodal has an offer Interview To Francisca Lachapel where they asked him very personal questions and could not miss a single related to his romance with Belinda and the newly accused girlfriend who saw him.

To which the singer insisted that he had no new romantic interest and only There are “friends”. In addition, Christian Nodal has cleared up rumors about his alleged new girlfriend, as he was caught having dinner with a woman after breaking up with Belinda. However, he said something that fans thought could be reunited with the singer.

“We’ve talked, but I don’t know, these are things that come from life,” said the interpreter of “Farewell Love,” to which the reporter replied: “So they keep talking,” and Nodal insisted that There is communication between: “No, we have talked, but as I say, I do not know where life puts us,” he added.

Christian Nodal Looking for a reunion?

In the same interview, the singer admitted that he is open to possibilities, because although he is not sure if they can resume their romance, he believes that he would be willing to evaluate things if the situation arises.

“It’s not a definite yes, it’s not a definite yes,” said the singer, who said he doesn’t usually get upset after his love affair ends: Essential things are forgiven “, said.

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