With her big sweet colored eyes, Chocolate Cast appreciates what she did for him. This is how he posed Dogs They were rescued in photos posted on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, created to show their evolution. These are available under the name Save Chocolate.

Until this Monday, April 11, 2022, he fought to recover from it IllnessWorm, which almost ended his life. That Puppies Who has been rescued Neighbor Of the fort Accommodation Of CastleNortheast of it GuayaquilHis coming back Tenderness And your desire to survive.

The dog is waiting for her to start ChemotherapyBut the road is still long. You have just been detected BabysiaA disease transmitted by ticks. He must be healthy and continue chemo there. And once she’s well, she’s hoping to find one who will give her one Home And a warmth Family.

Founder of the fort

Chocolate was virtually one of its founders Castle Located in the back Stool Stool Castle.

Since starting work, he has arrived with other puppies Workers They fed them and Animals They used to walk around the place. So it was up to the set Families It was finished and its first inhabitants were adopted.

The dogs left when the people arrived. There was something Accepted For WorkersOthers just didn’t come back.

But chocolate and grill remain and steal the hearts of the residents of this residential complex. The dog was adopted by a local neighbor. But the dog was taken away by a laborer and they have not seen him for almost a year.

Suddenly ReappearedBut it was already there Sick With TV, a Cancer In her genitals. “He was walking with a swollen member, dropping pus. There were worms in it, there were holes in it. That’s why we decided to help him among some of the neighbors who appreciate him. Then we saw how we got the money, “said Maria Lorena Pin, who is in charge Campaign They started saving chocolate.

He said they asked for help FoundationBut not finding him, he finally decided to appear in person Healing Puppies

Neighbors were looking for resources

They started with a bingo, a month ago. They have managed with that money Disinfect itGive him interns and pay Healing Of Worms. “The puppy was a little too much and he died. She was very sick when we admitted her to the hospital, she didn’t want to walk anymore, she crawled, she didn’t have strength.

‘Chocolate’ begins her treatment. She needed eight chemotherapy treatments and since neighbors could not find a temporary home for her recovery, Ginger Mora Dr.Responsible for applying TreatmentTakes him when he’s good.

“We all have a lot of pets in our house and it was not possible for us to welcome chocolate. Fortunately, the doctor, when he saw the situation, offered to keep him, “said Maria Lorena.

Meanwhile, families are looking for ways to save Poppy I mean. They make one Weekly lottery Some products that someone donates, such as kits Make up Is Wallet.

They did Saturday, April 2nd Food To sell. According to the residents of the fort, “Every 15 days we carry out an operation Charitable food. All we have to offer is chocolate treats. For that we have a Collection Among them all: one keeps chicken, another keeps rice, another cooks and we sell it inside the fort, because we have no one to deliver it to our house. “

Residents of the castle Residencis del Fortin run a fundraising and chocolate campaign.  Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO
Residents of the castle Residencis del Fortin run a fundraising and chocolate campaign. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

Added to these initiatives are profiles created on social networks. Thus they wish to raise about USD 800 needed for the treatment, as well as for the maintenance of the small animal which is spent. As of today Monday they have collected half.

But more than money, Maria Lorena says, they ask for help The medicinesAs Vincristine, Which is used for chemotherapy. “We also ask for help buying liver protectors, gastric protectors, because the cancer patient has stomach upset, nausea and vomiting.”

Similarly, they ask Premium foodBecause chocolate was suffering from malnutrition and needed good quality food.
Those who wish to cooperate can contact Maria Lorena Pin at 0997073979. And follow the chocolate news on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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