Channing Tatum made his directorial debut with his friend Reed Caroline. Photo: Diamond Films

Chenning Tatum Returning to the screen after a four-year absence. He never stopped at the busy pace of Hollywood and decided to take a long break because he was taking on so many roles that he didn’t know if he was doing a good job. He came back with a charged battery Dogs: A Wild Journey (Doug (in English), a film in which, in addition to starring, he co-directed with his friend Reed Caroline, screenwriter of the comedy Magic Mike.

“Now that I have grown up, I enjoy the experience of making Movies. Even when it’s hard. I think much less about the end result, “said the 41-year-old actor.

Doug: Wild Ride is a road movie with a dramatic undertone, but with lots of comedy and adventure overtone. “Which of the two is more animal?” Praying Slogan The film has just been released in the country and its first show where dogs can take part in a movie (it was in the La Calera sector).

“The only thing Jackson Briggs needs is a role Tatum- This is a recommendation. He has to call his captain and promise to do something so that he can be a soldier again. So his mission was to take Lulu from the North Pacific to the border Mexico. And it’s going to be hard work, because you think it’s enough to put the dog in a car and take him there, but this dog and this man in particular, they’re always going to fight, ”the actor says.

With a huge female fan base, this dancer and actor remains in the collective memory as passionate Stripper The plot continues in the comedy Magic Mike (2012), which brought him fame – and the third installment is coming soon. Magic Mike XXL (2015), which will start shooting this year.

Tatum is also remembered for his role in action comics such as Special Command (adaptation of the famous 90s series), step-up dance movies; The Action movies Public Enemy and GI Joe; The drama Foxcatcher or romantic comedy that established him as the perfect heartthrob: Dear John and The Wow.

She will soon be starring in Pussy Island under the direction of Zöe Kravitz, her current partner, and will be appearing in Adventure Comedy in June. The lost cityAlong with Sandra Bullock.

Tatum and his friend Reed Caroline created the dog … the actor was inspired by the last trip with his dog before he died of an incurable tumor. “Coming back with this picture, which is an investment made with me Good friendIt makes me feel particularly good, “he said.

Official Trailer for Dogs: Wild Ride. Video: YouTube

How complicated is acting with animals?

I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but acting with the dog is pretty predictable: his motivation for the scene is Rewards Afterwards until they are full and they no longer want to roll. Give life though Lulu On screen, the team features three different dogs, each specializing in one type of performance. There was not a day or a single Scene Where they have surrendered, and they are in the whole movie. Everyone knew the words ‘action’ and ‘rolling’. From the first day they realized that they were a hint to them, from the third it was clear to them, because we rehearsed a little earlier. When we start filming, the power of the set with the dog skyrockets. They are very animal Smart And those who love to work: ‘What to do? Where are we going? Let’s do as many times as we can, please don’t go to sleep ‘(laughs).

How are Briggs and Lulu?

Both of them are crazy. They will go all the way until they can no longer go. I think when you have two characters who are always on each other’s necks, there is always one who supports. That’s why you know you have fireworks at any given moment in the movie. Like there’s a box Gunpowder What can explode in a car: two are the same, the only thing is a man and the other is an animal. They are like a mirror. But Briggs slowly discovers that he has a giant Connection With dogs, but it is something that happens slowly and unconsciously.

Do you appreciate dogs?

They are very current animals. They don’t care as much as we do; I mean, you never know when they might be thinking of him. The future Or in the past, who knows, but whenever you come to their house, they see you for the first time in their life.

I can leave the house for 30 minutes, and my dog, QT celebrates indifferently: ‘My God, you’re back, you’re back. This is a reminder that Happiness Possible, and as human beings, even if we focus on the future or the past, we can only experience the happiness of the present. And dogs are very present. Suddenly your condition may change from being asleep The best moment In your life, or an instantaneous other emotion switch, all in real time. That’s a beautiful thing. I think people like dogs for that.

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