Real Madrid 2-Chelsea 3


Kamavinga’s entry and shot success for Cruz was fatal for Chelsea. “They were good for many stages,” Cortois admitted.

James, Jর্গrgenho and Benzema, tired after the final blow of the Barnabas
James, Jর্গrgenho and Benzema, tired after playing the final flute at the Bernabeu.AFP

Overtime breaks, under a feverish Barnabas, Thomas Tuchel I picked up a sophisticated plasma-shaped slate. Moving the scribble arrow and the magnetic ball, the Chelsea coach wanted to tackle the last tactical change before hastening his change. A few meters to the left Carlo Ancelotti He had enough to collect a few words of encouragement for his people. Far from claiming a part of success, based on its entrance Eduardo Camavinga For Tony Cruz, The Italian later left the spotlight of his players. Only they came out alive from a night where the opponent added 29 shots (10 in Madrid), won 10 corner kicks (one) and 21 aerial balls (nine).

From the 75th minute to the end of extra time, Chelsea missed four great chances. Thibaut Courtois, Plus two more infamous dangers. The Whites, on the other hand, limited themselves to taking advantage of their arrival with the accuracy already displayed against the PSG. “They exclude us for purely personal standards, nothing more. Not too many teams can come here and dominate like us. But in both matches, they will punish you if you make that kind of mistake,” Tuchel was determined. “It’s not possible to talk about luck, but it’s also true that they were good in many areas,” Cortois acknowledged. One wonders, then, how Madrid can survive in such a complex situation.

Before the break, whites couldn’t even do the suspicious test Edward Mendy. For the first time in the last 19 Champions Leagues, they were left without a tragic shot in the first half. Chelsea, at the time, had a carbon copy of that great team that, less than a year ago, went through the goodies like the Merchandise Express. With no option but to look back, Tuchel turned a 4-3-3. An unprecedented draw in his previous nine Champions League games and the last two home games of the Premier League against Newcastle and Brentford, he only dusted off.

Kovasic Exhibition

But the first line BlueIndomitable leadership Antonio RedigerEven managed to disconnect from the circuit Karim BenzemaBy guarding every turn Thiago Silva. Y. Reese Witherspoon Knew how to handle Vinicius, Despite his initial warnings. Before the break, none of the Brazilians’ four fans were enough against the young British talent. As if that weren’t enough, the high-pressure offensive wreaked havoc on the exit from Madrid, with repeated failures. Dance Y. Daniel Carvajal. Faith is goodLike in London seven days ago, he had to appeal for help on that weak side.

It hadn’t been so long since the Ajax nightmare, just three years. Of the 10 instances, only Madrid delivered a tie where they took advantage away from home. The ghosts of that dark past float through Barnabas when Ancelotti chooses again whom he calls Power. Kamavinga was reunited with her 19-year-old physical splendor Luka Modric And to see the same in Valvarde N’Golo Kant Y. Matthew Kovasic, Which until then they had almost arbitrarily dominated. The Frenchman, in the first part alone, took part in 43 plays (twice as much as he did in London a week ago), when he received his doctorate at the Croatian stadium where he probably did not enjoy the opportunities he deserved in his class.

Tuchel and Ancelotti, Tuesday, Zone T
Tuchel and Ancelotti, Tuesday, in the Bernabeu technical area.AFP

“We had two important turnovers that ended in a goal against very few opponents. It’s possible against Real. All in all, I think we deserved to go through that,” Tuchel recalled, pointing to errors in the right sector of his defense. Which allowed the arrival of Modric and Vinicius. The German coach’s obsession, as was confirmed in the first half of extra time, was that Lucas Vezquez and Carvajal indefinitely defended to hit another flank. For this he entered Hakim has gone Y. Salt guez. In the 114th minute, Cortoya thwarted Morocco’s great opportunity.

“We were unlucky, but we do not regret it. You can take such a defeat with pride and accept it as an athlete,” Tuchel concluded. In fact, it was horrible to see him Simon Marciniak Sharing a smile with Ancelotti after playing the final flute. And so he reported it to the Polish referee, whom he secretly accused of not having enough courage in certain decisions. His team, who rallied 52 times in the rival area (compared to 33 for Madrid) and ran about seven kilometers (148.5-141.8) cannot be blamed for anything else.

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