Benzema before Betis's defense.
Benzema before Betis’s defense.Pierre-Philippe MarcoAFP
  • Chronic Madrid already thinks of Paris

They go down the hall and shake hands and play a friendly game. Annoying, meaningless. Real Madrid at a higher rate. Why? Because the rehearsal in Paris could not be more lazy, lazy clash of games, neglect. With players in a state of intensity and openly anxious.

It is not clear Casimiro No. Cruz They are here to play in the Champions League final. The Brazilian is a caravan from the old west and the source of the transmission of Real Madrid’s defensive system. Cross wanted, but his shortness of breath, the stigma of that sensational player.

Understood Ancelotti And remove them at breaks. They did not give more. Camavinga Keep up the progress and Valvarde Runs a lot and is not exactly a constructor.

So Madrid played their best game in the first fifteen minutes of the second half. But as has happened in at least a dozen events in Chamarton, when the white team does not score early, when Benzema does not turn on his goal-scoring machine, Madrid does not score. He has no innate scorer.

Is Rodrigo It was night. But it is clear that Rodrigo is much better on the left. I’ve said it a few times. But there is ‘Buster Keaton’ Has arrived Do not play in that position. His lack of absolute and assertive goals in every game is even more noticeable. It’s a rumor, but since it dribbles and tempts it seems to do something and fascinates the audience of this circus.

I’m going for Betis. Honest engineer Md Pellegrini He is the true architect that Betis shows signs of determination, that he cares about the good sense of football. But he started William Joseph. And it didn’t turn out well, percent Borja Mayor It’s much higher. As Fakeer Y. Channel After winning the cup title I saw them very tired, mentally weak. And Fakir, sorry, overrated.

I forgot about Benzema’s form earlier. Like Canales and Fakir, he lacks the spark in that goalscoring gesture. It’s more than usual. The Champions League final always brings wear and tear and ‘supraspinatus’ pain after 50 matches. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Liverpool.

It was the end IscoMaybe Sebelos And I’m not so sure about the farewell Marcelo. He wants to be a madrasa ‘matusalan’. What’s missing? A ‘Pim Pam Pam’ doll is told to throw stones Bell. What an annoyance for Casablanca Corefice!

What will they talk about now that Bell is gone? From ‘Gals Case’ I think the club did not even get the decency to play away games. Bell is insensitive, but the club has not been exactly as good as what Bell has given to Madrid. It is irrefutable.

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