The club wants to know “what motivated the venue to be named for the final and what criteria were considered considering what happened that day”

Police officer, inside St. Denis.
Police officer, inside St. Denis.Ian WalletEFE
  • Reportage Saint-Denis’s failed ‘state’: Champions’ event unveils French border

Real Madrid have publicly demanded an “answer and explanation” for the “tragic” incident at the St. Denis Stadium in Paris on May 26, where the Spanish team beat Liverpool 1-0 to win their 14th European Championship title.

“In the wake of such tragic events in the vicinity of the de France on 28 May and at the entrance, even inside the stadium,” Real Madrid came out in defense of its supporters, “those who were the victims of the incident”, he said in an official statement.

The Madrid club first asked, “What were the reasons behind the naming of the venue for the final and what criteria were considered considering what happened that day”.

He then “asks for answers and explanations that determine who was responsible for keeping the fans helpless and vulnerable. Some followers whose general behavior was always imitative.”

“We understand – the note added – that what should have been a great football party for all the fans who took part in the game led to an unfortunate event that caused deep resentment around the world.”

“Many fans have been attacked”

Real Madrid have complained that “many fans were violently harassed, harassed, snatched and snatched by the media to denounce the publisher’s images.” “Some even had to spend the night in hospital for injuries.”

“Football has sent an image to the world that has moved far away from the values ​​and objectives that it should always follow. , Concludes the statement.

According to police prefecture sources, the Champions League final ended with the arrest of 68 people, of whom 39 were imprisoned.

During the night, after one in the morning, police further clarified that firefighters intervened for a total of 238 people who were slightly injured, none of whom had to be hospitalized.

The match that Real Madrid won against Liverpool (1-0) was held in the context of police tensions, with the start being delayed by 35 minutes due to a blockage at the entrance to the stadium and attempts to get inside thousands more.

Authorities were finally able to disperse those who were near the stadium, even using tear gas in some cases, the night France was marked a year after the Rugby World Cup and two games were held due to organizational problems. Olympics.

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