His ninth goal in the qualifying round (a total of 14 in this Champions League, where he is already the highest scorer), saved Madrid in a British air.

La Panenka scored Benzema Madrid's third goal.
La Panenka scored Benzema Madrid’s third goal.Peter PowellEFE
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Its qualifier Champions League The decision is made in time. And some semifinals, more. It is City of Manchester Stadium That can be formed by the moment Three minutes Which was played between 33 and 36 in the first part. The Benzema’s goal Madrid scored in the first shot Forcibly change Fernandinho For Stone After the injury to the defender, who had already touched the conflict.

The 40th goal in 41 matches The French striker, 13th in the Champions League this year, tied the highest scorer with Robert at the time. LewandowskiCame to see 600 attendance With the Chamartn Complex. It happened just after Worst start for Madrid In the history of champions. He never lost two goals so quickly. It didn’t take ten seconds Mom Left Bayern behind against whites 2007, But they kept Ancelotti’s team in front of the waves. And there, in the abyss, as in front PSGE.g. Stamford Bridge And like extra time against ChelseaBenzema appeared.

Talk to Modric

The French went to Modric After every goal of City. After the first, he just paused a few words, but at 2-0 he paused with the Croatians to try to reach a conclusion about what was happening. Modric nodded and Karim encouraged the others, who stared helplessly at the ground. Fifteen minutes later, Benzema finished a Mandy cross and shouted at the stand, raising the hopes of 2,000 Madrid fans. To goThe Frenchman pressed his fist and said Mandy. Earlier, Modrich struggled with possession of a split ball as a youngster. Both again.

At the White Survival Party, a classic has already been added this season Vinicius. Madrid trailed 3-1 After the goal FodenThe Brazilian becomes the protagonist with a sensational story that ends in a long post in one shot. Ederson. I started the game with a dribble over Fernandinho (Remember the Stones injury) In the middle of the field, the ball goes under his feet and ends with his third goal of the season in the Champions League. And that’s it Vinicius He has played key roles against PSG and Chelsea, adding a total of three assists, but has not scored in the continent’s greatest competition since Brace against him. shaketar It is 0-5 October 19’s. More than six months ago. Madrid, in the most difficult days, needed him to restore his sense of smell.

Benzema like Zidane and Ramos

What was happening in the case EtihadBy overthrowing a city and forgiving a historic victory, Benzema I decided to convert Panenka Laport’s penalty. Invader Four of the last eight maximum punishments have failed Which he introduced, at the time of the appointment of two of them Headquarters Against Osasuna, but he is ready to throw against Ederson. As soon as he looked at the goal, he kept his eyes fixed on the referee and on the ground and started biting the ball through the middle of the Brazilian goal. A gem similar to this Zidane in the 2006 World Cup final Waves Bouquet at Euro 2012. Their top scorers’ goals (adding 41 and 18 with Benzema and 18 Vinicius in all tournaments) prevented a major setback for Madrid on British soil, where KarimWith three goals Chelsea And two in City (nine in the qualifiers, 14 in the Champions League, where he is already the top scorer), he is on his way. King of England.

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