Robinson Chalapud New common table pointer Tulkan Classic, After winning the third round of the competition, which was held on April 9, 2022.

Colombian team runner BGE Rani was the fastest on stage. During the voyage, he fought alongside Byron Guam of Ecuador, who caught him in all his escape attempts.

Chalpud already stood in the first stage, where he recorded the second fastest time trial, just behind. Jorge Montenegro.

It was with Rani Mancha A journey of 120 kilometers. The cyclists leave El Juncal and go through Bolivar, Tulkan, Barreil, Puente 3 Choros, Tufino, the competition ends at Lagunas Verdes.

The virtual winner of the competition is Chalpud. This will continue on April 10 The final stage, which will be a 12-kilometer circuitIt will start at Ayora Park, continue along Corral Avenue, Brasil Avenue, San Vicente and return to Ayora Park.

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