Depp must receive 15 15 million from his ex-partner. Photo: Internet

The court then released him Judgment Jury in the trial Johnny Depp Y. Amber Hard The response was quick.

According to the rule, Hard is declared a Responsible for defamation Depp in the opinion column published in The Washington Post in 2018. However, the jury found that Depp was also defaming his ex-wife.

In the end, it was decided that Depp would have to pay Hard $ 15 millionWhen he will give her 2 million.

After knowing the results, the two actors released it Statement Express their feelings individually. At the same time, actors have become a trend on social networks among all kinds of comments.

Celebrities also took sides

The Media trial And its results have provoked reactions from other actors and personalities in the entertainment world.

Actress Laurie Holden Who played Andrea Harrison ‘The Walking Dead’ Gave his opinion in the controversial case. “Justice has been done today. The jury’s verdict sent a message to the world that abuse is genderless and information is important, “he wrote on Twitter with the hashtag” Truth wins “.

Actor Greg Ellis He was with Depp, with whom he worked on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, giving life to Groves.

“Put up your flag for Johnny Depp”, a message he posted on Twitter and received over 37,000 responses.

The choice of actresses Morgana Robinson, Ashley Benson Or model Naomi Campbell They also commented on Depp’s support for Instagram posts.

Actress Amy Schumer posted a quote on Instagram Gloria Steinem Refers to gender violence.

“Any woman who decides to act like a full-fledged man should be warned that the army of status will consider her a kind of dirty joke. He will need brotherhood. “

Amber Hard “disappointed” and Johnny Depp “at peace”: Actors’ reaction after the verdict. Https://

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