Catholic University tied to Banfield. Photo: cab_oficial

The Catholic University Said goodbye South American Cup In the absence of a Group C calendar end date, they tied 1-1 Argentina And adds a point that only works for this Statistics.

The match was played at the stadium on the night of May 17, 2022 Florencio alone. The point split left the two teams Eliminate Of Tournament.

Ecuadorians live Third place in the group with 5 points. The Argentines are in fourth place with 4. Brazil’s Santos is in second place with 6. The series is led by Chile’s Union La Calera with 6 units.

On May 18 the Chileans will visit the Brazilians. A win for both Two will practically be your ticket sentence Classification of the eighth grade, although there is still one more date left Debate.

The first goal of the match came in the 72nd minute, when it seemed to be 0-0. Jesus gave Who, a few minutes ago, entered the change for Dario Sivitanich, making it 1-0 with one goal Chile.

Darwin Leather, Archer of Ecuador ‘Chatoli‘, The experienced offensive player couldn’t do anything before the shot Argentine.

When everything seemed to be in order, it was 1-1 for the tour. Panamanian Ismail Diaz Decreed specific tie at 90 + 2.

The calendar for this group will close on May 24. Saints vs. Banfield, and Union La Calera vs. Catholic University, will play on a unified schedule from 5:15 p.m.

Note that only the first in the group will qualify for the next episode. The The other three will bid farewell to their participation This is the 2022 international tournament.

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