Defense of the former regulator Carlos Polit Florida has filed a counterclaim in Southern District Court for his client Bail reduced from USD 18 to 11 million To get out of jail and protect yourself in freedom.

Fernando TamayoPĆ³lit’s lawyer said he has concerns about his client USD 15 million between assets and products In the United States; Although some of their properties are mortgaged.

For this reason, Tamayo has offered USD 1 million in cash bonds; And another bail of USD 10 million as collateral in case of fugitive politics.

The Judge Federal’s Miami, Jacqueline BesserA imposed on the former regulator a Bail From 18 million. He was detained in that country for 11 days until April 11, 2021.

Political lawsuits in the United States.

Carlos Polit Investigation For complaints Wear The To launder the US financial system And hide Money from The Bribery in Ecuador.

U.S. prosecutors have since explained From 2010 to 2017, bribes received in Ecuador “disappeared” through the use of polite Florida companies. Registered in the name of certain associates. ”

These illicit funds were used for “purchases and renewals” Estate To the south FloridaFor Buy restaurants, A Dry cleaner And others Business “.

Money from Odebrecht suit

According to the Ecuadorian prosecutor’s office, the illicit money was raised later Demand for 10.1 million Inside Bribery Per The Brazilian company Odebrecht. According to the investigation, 6 million In return I wanted them Faded gloss Upstairs Regulator On behalf of the construction company (estimated cost USD 70.7 million).

While others $ 4.1 million They went for it Provide favorable reports The controlling entity in the five Strategic project That foreign company has participated in Ecuador.

In fact, there is a polit Execution In the country Six years in prison, For him Crimes committed. The sentence was upheld by the National Court of Justice in December 2020.

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