Former moderator Carlos Polit After a Florida judge accepted the offer, he will defend himself for independence from this Monday, May 3, 2022. 14 million bail.

Initially, the bond Polit He had to pay 18 million US dollars to get out of jail. In April Former moderator This amount was requested to be reduced to USD 11 million but this request was denied.

To guarantee Polit’s appearance in court, he must carry one Electronic shacklesUnder house arrest, inspection restrictions and distribution of your passport and travel documents.

Research in the United States

Carlos Pólit is singled out for presumed use US financial system Bribes received in Ecuador for money laundering and hiding.

U.S. prosecutors have since explained 2010 to 2017, The bribe that Polit received in Ecuador has “disappeared” through the use of Florida companies registered in the name of certain associates.

Those illegal funds were used “To buy and renovate property in South Florida, To acquire restaurants, a dry cleaner and other businesses. ”

Money from Odebrecht suit

According to the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office, the illicit money originated, After claiming a 10. 10.1 million bribe from the Brazilian company Odebrecht. According to the investigation, he demanded 6 million US dollars in return Fade gloss in comptroller On behalf of the construction company (estimated cost USD 70.7 million).

The other was for USD 4.1 million Issuance of favorable reports from regulatory agencies on five strategic projects That foreign company participated in Ecuador.

In fact, there is a polit Execution In the country Six years in prison, for the crime of injury. The sentence was upheld by the National Court of Justice in December 2020.

#USA authorities have discovered an illegal scheme that the former regulator used to inject money into companies in Florida. Https://

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