Former regulator Carlos Polit is on his way out of a Miami court in the United States. Photo courtesy

A The court Of National Court Issued Order Of The death penalty So that Former moderator Carlos Polit Give a Compensation To the state .4 40.4 million For its plot Corruption Of the case Odebrecht. This is declared by truth Office of the Attorney General, This Friday, June 3, 2022.

In December 2020, the National Judges approved Judgment For six years Crime Of Injury Against polit. As part of it SentenceThe former officer has to pay Repairs Economic.

The Attorney General is in charge of the management Recovery Of Money Which are lost by illegal plots.

In fact, on December 21, 2021, that entity requested a national court to issue an execution order, i.e., the magistrates. Set the time So that must be punished Comply With Repairs

Dr. was convicted at this stage You can suggest a formula Of Payment That is convenient for him and for Condition. Instead, If you violate The Payment Fixed in sorrowThe seizure process will begin Y. Auction For products.

Running from Thursday, June 2, 2022 Expiration Of Five days To pay the state of Polit Ecuador. “If the convicted person does not comply with that obligation, the Attorney General’s Office will request that the process be initiated immediately. Forcible execution That entity pointed.

In addition, he assured that he would not refrain from his actions in order to enforce the penalties imposed by the competent judges and thus, to recover the damages of the Ecuadorian state. ”

This newspaper learned that on July 22, 2021, Attorney Has sent official letters to various state institutions to receive Information On Estate Those who own Punished

And in August of that year, he submitted a request for execution, where he attached documents and information. Features Of Polit. According to the organization, the purpose Effective The Compensation to the state.

Charles against Carlos Polit in the United States

In addition to the judicial process in Ecuador, the former regulator Facing criminal charges andn America. He was assigned a duty Conspiracy To surrender Money laundering, Three numbers to hide Caught Money and two fees for participating in property transactions received from Criminal activities.

Politburo is investigating the allegations Use Its financial system America For Wash Y. Hide the money Of Bribery Obtained in Ecuador.

According to the Ecuadorian prosecutor’s office, the illicit money was raised later Demand for 10.1 million Inside Bribe from Odebrecht.

Last May 3, Polit Provide a 14 million bail Per American Justice Leave prison and stay under house arrest.

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