Djokovic commented, “For someone his age, playing with that maturity and that courage is impressive.”

Djokovic congratulated Alkaraj.
Djokovic congratulated Alkaraj.Juanzo MartinEFE

“It’s been spectacular. I’m happy to play these games. I lost to Rafa yesterday [por el pasado viernes] And the No. 1 in the world today is going to give me a lot of confidence tomorrow [por este domingo] In the final, “Carlos Alcaraz said without offering a hyperbolic assessment.” You have to have a very, very good backhand to defeat Rafa. And I had it. If you let these players dominate you, they will melt you. Yesterday I was aggressive with the backhand. Today I am constant, maintaining the same level from beginning to end, and also aggressive. I went for it. “

Mursian always repeats that idea in his speeches, the need to defend his own style, which involves risk and always looking for initiative. “You have to go play. Where there is a difference between good players from ‘top’ players like Rafa, Djokovic or Federer. And I want to be like them

All the leaps and bounds of his career increase the credibility of his chances in any tournament and situation. “I feel ready to compete against them in all tournaments and on the surface. A Grand Slam is different because there are five sets and the best are made with a different paste, but I would say I’m ready.” The Spaniard further stressed that he “feels more mature in facing important moments, something that his opponents have acknowledged, complimented him on his brief attention to the media.”

Djokovic’s presence was announced in the press room, with reporters closing their events almost immediately after the match. The Serbian agreed to only four questions and expedited the process. “I wish you all the best. He controlled his nerves very well. For someone his age, playing with that maturity and that courage is impressive. He deserved to win. I had a lot of chances and it was a great match, a great fight, but I was disappointed that I didn’t get my chance in the second set, “he said.

“On many occasions I gave him free points. His topspin and height, huge, and it was hard to answer that ball, especially on that side. [el de las ventajas]. He was later serving with a lot of topspin to keep himself in a good position. I couldn’t solve it. “Serb praised his good performance.” I played very good tennis, I played the best this year. “

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