He defeated Croatian Marin Cilic in a double 6-4 and is already in the 16th round in Miami.

Carlos Alcaraz, in Miami.
Carlos Alcaraz, in Miami.EFE
  • Second round Alcaraz liquidated Fuksovics in the 80th minute of his debut in Miami

With the best prospects from Indian Wells to Miami. Only Rafael NadalThe highest claim, the first Masters of the year 1000 was able to neutralize him in the semifinals. Carlos Alcaraz Don’t stop Marin CilicThe 33-year-old winner of the 2014 United States Open, a regular resident of the Nobel Zone of the Circuit for decades, was able to verify the player who was measured in the third round in Miami who passed the Estoril last year.

Alcaraz, who then fell into three sets, advanced at an alarming rate. I made it clear again with a double 6-4 victory over the Croatians in one hour and 35 minutes. In Round of 16, the match will be won by the opponent Stefanos Sitcipas And Alex de Meer. The Spaniard soon warned his opponent that an EPA task was coming. He took the lead early in the match, discouraged by Cilic’s survey. Always face-to-face, in search of initiative to the point, he was able to displace him repeatedly, either with a deep injury or with a great performance of a drop shot.

Extensive collection

This is his second participation in a tournament where in 2021 he lost to the Finns Emil Rousseau 71. A year later, Murcian has a huge stockpile, which constantly threatens him.

Already set up, he missed three chances to open the gap in the second match but did not give up. Reset and win your service with ease. If there was any doubt in such a happy and unprepared play boy, Alcaraz also manages the defense industry. He had to do it when Silik was finished. He also knew how to read the moment when it was time to press and gave the final ax to the scoreboard. He finished ninth with full determination and sealed his place in the top 16.

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