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“He’s humble, simple and calm enough to make strange changes,” Ferrero said. “He put it all together for the first time,” recalled his first coach, Kiko Navarro. “He doesn’t spend too much time on winning or losing,” said Josephina Coutillos, his psychologist for eight years.

Carlos Alcaraz.
Carlos Alcaraz.Getty
  • Miami One city, Carlos surrendered to Alcaraz: “How can you be so calm?”
  • alcaraz “I see myself able to beat Roland Garros.”

The boy noticed in advance the opportunity to play in the U10 World Championships in Croatia. Expensive travel. Difficulty for middle class families. Its mediation Kiko NavarroThen his coach, who convinces Alfonso Lopez Rueda, From Postrais Reina, a popular confectionery company based in the Murcian town of Carvaca de la Cruz, to sponsor the party. “She is OK Charlie Brown [Alcaraz] And Alfonso’s son. And that’s where it all started. We are runners up in the world. Since then we have played tournaments in Spain. We debuted in Racket City. I won as Freshman Fry. The latter, in Valencia, also took it, “Navarro told us in a telephone conversation, after another rainy afternoon that prevented him from finishing training at El Palmer Tennis Country Club School, where he continues to work.

We are talking to the coach with whom the youngest champion of the Masters 1000 has grown up in Miami and has been called upon to reaffirm his achievement at the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo starting Monday. “I was able to give him my main grain of sand in his behavior. I told him a lot from a young age: on the train, in the car, when we went to the villa, an hour and a half back there. I told him to be polite, respectful that he ever a The picture will not deny it. And I can see it reflected now, when he is already number 11 in the world. “

After completion
After one end of the Roland Garros Longines sub-13 match.

All the testimony is gathered in the virtuous character of the boy, his modesty, his modesty, his application. “He has turned challenges into opportunities to grow from a very young age. He has made it very internal,” he explains. Josephine Catilus, His psychology between the ages of eight and 16. “He doesn’t spend too much time on winning or losing. He works with the same self-interest. He doesn’t let the emotions last longer than they should. His self-knowledge stands. He manages everything that comes his way.” Her parents know how to be very present in her social environment, with her friends, with her family, with her roots. “

Son Carlos Alcaraz GonzalezFormer tennis player and director of the Club de Campo Tennis School and its Virginia GarphiaSecond of four brothers: lvaro21 years old, Sergio11, and James, Nine. “We are very close so that everything is normal, so that we can continue working as before and the friendships remain the same. The team around us, we all have enough experience. We were there and we traveled a long way. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. ” Please John Charles FerreroWith that coach he has sparked great growth.

“I want to be a tennis player when I grow up.”

“We worked in a group and tennis still had a more humorous character. But he was already showing determination. When you asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he answered without hesitation: ‘Tennis player'”, recalls Kutilas. .

Alcaraz, who will be 19 years old on May 5, is far from it, not a passing event. Also the champion of the ATP 500 in Rio de Janeiro, on the ground, he returned to the surface where he had won his three ATP titles, last summer, at Umag.

“It’s hard for him to get from the court to the clay quickly, especially because of the change of height and how to handle them on this surface, because of the defense, although he also plays some heights on the fast court. It could be. Ferrero warned that in the first game his It’s hard for him.

Next to his friend Alba Ray after winning their respective divisions
In Alicante, Benjam J. Heiber is next to his friend Alba Ray after winning their respective divisions in the tournament.

“Whenever we change the surface, we adapt to the work we do off-pist,” he explains. Juanzo Moreno, Physiotherapist who accompanies him to all tournaments “The most involved areas are abductors, gluteus medius and gluteus maximus, which stabilize the muscles of the buttocks, because it slips too much on the clay and creates instability. That muscle does not break when working on braking “.

Montecarlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome and Paris, a non-stop tour where he aspires for everything, with that determination, a single game, from which he captivates the masses wherever he goes. “As a kid, when he didn’t have a day when everything was perfect, it was a little hard for him. He had a very good attitude then, “Navarro recalled.

Quick learning

“He quickly put together what you practiced with him. You had to explain it to others eight or nine times, he caught it for the first time. We thought it would be better to hit Antonio Gomez with the backhand of one hand. “You told Carlos to ‘give money in one hand’ and he did it well.”

Assuming the disorders associated with playing tennis from such a young age, Alcaraz completed the process without any bias. “A teenager is an explosion on a cognitive and emotional level. They had different routines from playing at that age, but they changed quickly and naturally, with a great ability to leave. We always tried to give them a place to enjoy. With his friends. Her childhood and adolescence were not neglected. She knew how to optimize her time, “said Kutilas.

With Kiko Navarro, his first coach and Rafa Nadal.
With Kiko Navarro, his first coach and Rafa Nadal.

One of its distinctive features is the ability to enjoy the track, not just the taste of victory, but the taste of doing it with a significant portion of improvisation with a certain commitment to beauty. “She is very dynamic and has a lot of resources. Her smile is always present, her desire to have a good time there. She is very explosive and spectacular. This way of having fun on the track makes it much easier for her to prolong her career. If you get bored. Go, but things will be more expensive, “said Ferrero.

“It makes him happy that people enjoy his game, so he evokes the emotion in the fans. He caresses himself. He expresses truth and generosity. Now that we live in a time of despair, it presents a positive message to the youngest. .And not so young. It suggests that the dream may come true, “Kutilas concluded.

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