Richard Carapaz with his daughter Sophia, at the end of the 14th stage of Giro d’Italia. Photo: Capture

Sophia, Daughter of Richard KarapazReceived his father at the finish line of stage 14 Italy spin, This is May 21, 2022. It was an emotional moment for the cyclist.

Touch picture Then on the podium, the Ecuadorian went to the security perimeter of the platform where his wife and young daughter were waiting for him. Sophia, a five-year-old who caressed her face When he approached.

I already have a teddy for you, Do you remember that you asked me for a stuffed animal? I love you so much my love ”, the cyclist says to his little girl, at such a time She caresses his face and kisses him. It was an exciting moment for Ecuador.

By this he meant Lupo Ulfi plush toys, pets The current version of Giro, which the organization awards to the leader of the general classification on the award platform.

His family’s visit coincided with his first leg as a general class leader. At the end of stage 14, Ecuador 58:21:28 Adding a time, With what he managed to put on the long awaited Pink jersey.

“I love you my love, see you later,” the Ecuadorian said as he left his family. Inos lives in Grenadier. With the presence of her loved ones, Karapaz will feel inspired for the rest of the steps.

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