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Carapaz Giro d’Italia time trial is great

It was a bike racing car. Richard Karapaz Zero D’Italia has confirmed his status as a favorite in the second round. The triangular competition ended at 12:18 at the top of the first trial.

Expectations were high on the team’s Twitter account Ineos install a stopwatch, So fans can know when the Ecuadorian will come out.

This second phase is run in a section 9 km, this May 7, 2022, in Budapest. The racers started from Heroes Square and ended at Buda Square on the banks of the Danube.

It was a complex first time trial. As it was the second day of the competition, the favorites in this model were still ‘fresh’, so Karapaz had to show the results of his trainingStay in the first.

Richard left, this time using his iconic gold bicycle and a white one, he also wore the jersey of the Ecuadorian time trial champion. The support of the local people was clear, Teranga came out in applause, people knew him well, after he left The trophy of this competition, in 2019.

With this result, Teranga remains At the top of the overall table. Thanks to his sixth place in the first stage.

Jonathan Norvez, Also from the Ineos team, completed the course in 12:45 On this day, he was ranked 81st.

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