Richard Carapaz on the 15th stage of Giro d’Italia. Picture Ineos

Ecuador Richard Karapaz Successfully start the hard defense in the first place Italy spin, This is May 22, 2022, when the 15th stage of the competition is completed. Cyclists are in the main group, with Italian Julio Zicon in first place.

It was a stylish start. Ecuador Was involved in a major accident, When he crossed five kilometers of the competition; After the incident, he got up, got on his bike and sped up his pace to rejoin the original pack.

That day Italian Julio Zicon won., Who fled a few kilometers from the finish line and his followers could not catch him. His main rival on this day was Colombian Santiago Buitarago. None of them were rivals of Karapaz in the general classification, who remained the leader.

Carapaz occupies the first place and Pink jersey, Thanks for his third place on day 14 of the match, where he was undefeated by the Spaniards Juan Pedro Lopez, Who were on top for 10 days on European soil.

Phase Consists of 15 178 kilometers Between the cities of Riverlo Cavanese and Cognac. The biggest difficulty will be towards the end. Most of the 4,000 meters of positive slope will be concentrated in this section.

In the first example, it was mentioned that mountaineers, such as Karapaz, They will benefit on this day. However, this is the first time the race has ended in the aforementioned town, so there is no history.

Until the beginning of the day, Carapaz 59:21:28 adds In general classification. Australian Joy Hindley is in second place with a distance of seven seconds.

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