Brie Larson has repeated the role, but there are interesting changes. Photo: Marvel Studios

It is true that many critics considered it a career stumbling block Marvel In this powerful film from another planet, but many fans supported the work of actress Brie Larson Captain MarvelWhen it premiered in 2019.

The producers of Marvel Studios have done the same, who are already working on one New movie Which will bring back the mighty hero of the superhero and superheroine universe. This is The Marvels, which will be back in theaters in July 2023 Brie Larson Samuel L. as Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and Nick Fury. Jackson.

Although there is not much detail about the plot of the film, it is speculated that the protagonist will deal with one. Intergalactic conflict Which will endanger the world and get the support of Monica Rambeau, a character who was featured in the Wadavision and Mrs. Marvel series, who will also get her series soon. Disney Plus.

Will manage The Marvels Nia Dacosta, Who was amazed at his aesthetic and terrifying staging of the Candyman movie and who tried the thriller in the movie Little Woods.

Also in charge of the script will be Megan McDonnell, who worked Windvision And Sean Bobbitt will be in charge of photography, with director Steve McQueen, most memorable for ’12 Years a Slave ‘,’ Hunger ‘,’ Widos’ and ‘Shame’.

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