Mexican Saul ‘Canelo’ AlvarezThe current boxing star suffered his second career defeat in a unanimous decision against the Russians on Saturday night. Dmitry BevolWho holds his WBA light heavyweight belt.

Undefeated Bevol submitted Alvarez right from the start of the fight in front of the astonished 20,000 fans at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) who came to rejoice at Canello on May 5 as part of the Mexican party.

Bevol, who jumped into the ring without any music or Russian flag as a sanction to invade Ukraine, is the second fighter after the legend to have defeated Canello in his 61 battles. Floyd Mayweather In 2013.

The Mexican, undisputed champion of super middleweight (168 lbs – 76.2 kg), took up the challenge of recovering a middle heavyweight belt (175 lbs – 79.4 kg) as an important chapter in his long awaited journey at the Boxing Olympus.

Selected opponent, Bevel, this Saturday showed why he remained unbeaten in his 20 fights, showing his maximum speed and height until he won a resounding victory over the Mexicans on three cards 115-113.

“He’s a great champion. In boxing you win and lose, I had to lose today,” Alvarez admitted to his frustrated fans.

“I felt the weight but that’s no excuse,” he said. “I’ve tried a lot but he’s a great fighter. He goes in and out, he knows how to take the distance. I think I’ve done enough to win but that’s the way it is.”

The Mexican, the boxer who currently attracts the most spectators in boxing, challenged Bevel to a rematch in the same ring. “It can’t be that way,” he said.

“No problem. Let’s talk about a rematch,” Bevol replied competently: “I want to behave like a champion.”

Bivalve display

Canello, who has been out of the ring for half a year, received some criticism before the fight to choose Bevel as his rival.

Some of them asked to replace another fighter because of his Russian nationality and others felt that his boxing profile was too low for Canello.

Bevol, despite being the defending champion, went down in the background throughout the pre-war period but was always friendly to Alvarez and Mexican fans.

“I want to thank everyone who came. Mexican friends, happy 5th of Mexican friends,” Bevol said after the fight, getting a wave in return.

Alvarez “is a great champion and I respect him. I am happy to prove that I am the best in my department,” said the Russian, who assured him that he always believed in his victory. “What can you do if you don’t believe in yourself?”

Banchal plan

Unlike his last few fights, Canello came in the first round with offensive tactics.

The Mexican wanted to give a big win to his fans, who gave him a huge welcome when he appeared on a platform-climbing track when a mariachi band sang and fireworks started.

Once the first bell rang, Canello quickly took advantage of the risks that his ‘Jab’, his best offensive weapon, was taking to drop.

In the second round, Bevol went further and landed a number of combinations that intimidated the stand and turned off the ‘Canello’ warning.

The red-faced, Mexican was cornered by the Russians on the ropes but towards the end of the fourth round he finds a place to launch a strong uppercut that gives him some air.

Fans tried to cheer on their idol by shouting ‘Canelo’, ‘Canelo’, but Bevol continues to take advantage of its larger size to reach the Mexican face.

Alvarez resisted the blockage hard, hoping for a decisive blow, but the rounds went off without finding him and Bevel rarely slowed down.

Canello had only the final knockout option and in the XI he grabbed the Russian and lifted him into the air for a few seconds of pure frustration.

In the end, Canello lacked the strength to rebel against impending defeat, which the entire stadium expected when the final bell rang.

“Canello” thus sees the option of trying to become the first undisputed male champion in two divisions since the beginning of the four-belt era.

Alvarez’s next challenge was expected to be a third fight against his arch-rival, before a possible rematch against Bevol. Gennady GolvkinWill be held next September.

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