Pictures of Camilo and Gabriela, who were in a relationship until 2014. Photo: Instagram @ gabyandradev26

Its almost ten years later Relationships With the interpreter of ‘Millions’, the young woman from Bogota posted a picture of her romance on her Instagram account.

In the dynamics of the social network known as “Question Box”, some users asked the young woman about this, to which she replied that she did not actually delete her picture with anyone. The influential has assured his more than 90,000 followers that deleting such images will not erase the experience he had.

Some followers insisted, even asking the Bogot মহিল woman if she still had a problem keeping pictures of her current husband, Nicolas Jimenez. One more time, Andred calmed the fans by saying that Jimenez realized that “the people of the past were essential to what he is now.”

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t delete my photos with Camilo because I don’t delete my photos with anyone. Less is more if they are an important part of my life, because deleting photos won’t erase the life I’ve lived, so it doesn’t matter if I have them or not. And I like to get them, “Gabriella concluded.

Who is Gabriella Andrad?

The Bogot মহিল woman has more than 97,000 followers on Instagram, Where he defines himself as “Colombian more Venezuelan than Arepar”. It is known that she is the mother of two daughters named ‘Federica’ and ‘Agustina’ and she is married to Nicolas Jimenez.

There is a social media initiative for swimwear for men, which is made entirely by hand. According to internet users, Camilo has a physical resemblance to his current wife, Ivaluna.

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