From the wind, Calderon A huge gray space rooted on a plane Surrounded From Broken. A few Lots Green Point LandscapeWhere Prevails The Cement.

This parish has a specialty: it Officially ruralBut it is also considered urban because of the number of services it offers and its poles Housing development Plus Important From Quito. This is a sector that has grown the most in the last 40 years. Today is the day Circle Plus Crowded Of CapitalMore than 250,000 people live there. It has everything: a great Stool, 71 schools, 9 police units, 20 churches, 10 cemeteries, more than 400 neighborhoods and 453 businesses. But it lacks something important: the green zone.

According to him MunicipalityInside Quito There are 1,669 parks, totaling 2,814 hectares (see box). This Parish Together with Plain boyTo Calderon Zonal Administration. Although it is not the administration of the least number of parks, it is one of the least green spaces. It has 123 recreational areas, but they are small; Together they form 47.9 hectares. When That, for example, Eugenio Espejo Zonal Administration There are 275 parks with a total area of ​​882 hectares, about 20 times more green area Calderon.

The World Organization Of Health An international parameter identifies that each occupant must have at least 9 m² of green space. In general, Quito It complies: each occupant has 11.08 m². But time to analyze Condition Timely Calderon, The reality is different. In this area, each person has only 1.9 m² extension Entertaining.

The parish center looks great Traffic jam. As narrow as its roads are, so are its sidewalks. With so many houses (up to four floors), commercial squares and thousands of people, it’s not easy Search A Park. The People Usually go out Walking With them Pets Or jogging along the main road. Also, all of them are fine. Illuminated And they Insecure. Catalina Maldonado, a resident of San Juan de Calderon, proved it. She said she had a daughter and a brother Insulted When Transcend Get out of the park Stop Of Live In your home. He reports that people come from other places after 6:00 pm Sector And they started drinking Alcohol. Also, the park is small and gets no maintenance.

Flora Pareno lives in the Jose Montoya neighborhood of Bella Vista de Calderon. They built a park next to his house last year. It is a small space of 250 m². No Trees Or children’s play. The floor makes little use of that space. The place has a football field. Basketball And three machines so that people Third Age exercises. When she wants to have fun with her family, she goes to Floor Park Bicentennial Hello Carolina. It takes him more than an hour by bus to get to the next one, but he says it’s worth it because he likes rowing. It takes 40 minutes to go to bicentennial.

For city planner Hugo Cisneros, the rapid and chaotic growth of the area influenced the authorities not to carry out this plan. Green areas. It says places of recreation Basic To improve Quality From Lifetime. The Trees And The floor -Says- Help deal with stress and green areas Increase The Achieve capital.

Add other benefits: These spaces inspire, help people to exercise War The PollutionDecrease Noise What? Generated The The car And allow good interaction between neighbors.

The root of the problem

Lorena Izurieta, director Metropolitan Park Of District, Explains that one of the problems is that new developments in the area do not comply with the regulations The Developer There is an obligation to leave Public space To enjoy it Population. Those green spaces and parks need to be handed over Administration Zone so Municipality The Intervention, But it rarely happens. Izurieta assures that it is planned to enable a metropolitan park in the area. There is a work table with the Ministry of Environment to shape a network of parks.

What happens at Calderon?

Depending on the cost of a park Equipment And of Dimensions What you have; The cost per half hectare can range from USD 1.5 million to 2 million. It is essential Collaboration Of Community Take care of its park maintenance QuitoThe Municipality Invests US 21 21 million a year: pays, supplies, etc .; The amount represents about 30% of the company’s budget and covers a total of 3,075 hectares, including Park, Plaza, Small square Y. Flower bed.

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