By Cally Imbai
Melany Iminza, a 2021 KCPE candidate from Kakamega who scored 365 marks, has been forced to take up manual jobs in a bid to raise her school fees for secondary school education.
Iminza who went to St. Basil Primary school in Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County has a dream of becoming an engineer in future.
The 16 year old girl who stays with her grandmother said her parents separated 8 years ago and each one of them went their way leaving her in the custody of her now old and frail GrandMother.
“I hear my Mother does add jobs like washing clothes for people and doing house cleaning and my Father does manual work to earn a living. But I have not seen them for a long time.
My grandmother is everything to me. She has been very supportive in her own little way but she can’t afford to raise the secondary school fees.” Iminza said

Melany Iminza posing for a photo. Photo/Cally Imbai

During the interview with Education News Iminza who was supposed to join Keveye Girls High school in Vihiga County was at the Kakamega municipal market where she had sought a job of washing utensils in order to raise some money to pay for her school fees.
“I came here to look for a job, I want to wash utensils and do any other job to try and raise money for school fees because I have nowhere else to get money.” She said
Esther Khavetsa, a food vender who runs a food kiosk in Kakamega market said she had to seek help from the media after listening to the story of the young girl.
“This girl came here looking for a job and I felt for her that’s why I want to appeal to well-wishers including myself, both the County and National government to consider this girl for scholarship, bursary or give any help that can let this girl go through her education.” She said

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