Brazil is far from getting an average of about 200,000 infections per day earlier this year. Photo: EFE

BrazilCoronavirus is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic Coronavirus, This Sunday, May 22, 2022, the health emergency is coming to an end Covid-19.

In the two years and three months since then, more than 675,000 Brazilians have died VirusAccording to official sources.

The Ministry of HealthMarcelo Cuiroga, who announced the measure last April, gave 30 days to enter into force, so that states and municipalities could adapt to the new reality in a timely manner.

The government then “decided to reduce the national alert because of the progress.” Vaccination promotion“, Which allowed 773% of Brazil’s 213 million Brazilians to be on full guidelines and due to a” weak “epidemic situation.

But now the South American country a Slight rebound de SARS-CoV-2 case which again alerted the medical institution.

According to the Oswaldo Cruise Foundation (Fiocruz), one of the most prestigious medical research centers in Latin America, Infection Covid-19 is again the leading cause of hospitalization for severe acute respiratory syndrome, accounting for about 42% of the record.

Nevertheless, Brazil is almost far away today 200,000 are infected every day Which developed earlier this year or at the worst moment of the epidemic in April 2021 it registered 3,000 deaths per day.

According to the Secretary of the National Council of Health (Canas)

Brazil is the second country in the world with the highest number of deaths from coronavirus (665,528) AmericaAnd the third with the highest number of cases (30.8 million), after the power of North America and India.

The epidemic was identified in Brazil due to irregular management by the presidential government Zaire BalsonaroHe called Kovid-19 a “small flu” and condemned the measures Establishing social distance And raises questions about the effectiveness of masks and vaccines in combating the virus.

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