Bolivar’s brilliant plan was to stand between Pasto and Quito, both politically and militarily. Photo: Wikipedia

After the Battle of Boyaca on August 7, 1819, which allowed the independence of New Granada, The desire for freedom Among the other cities south of Viceroyalty and the rest of the country south of Colombia.

The Bolivar’s dream It was to liberate Quito and then Peru, but there were serious obstacles that arose, especially because of the problems created within the Colombian government that did not make things easier; Bolivar, however, had an iron will to overcome any difficulty. But its prevention Residents of Pastor It was a Gordian knot that presented itself for his consideration and around him he clearly saw that the great questions would be affected. Destination of America.

The Bolivar’s great planAs well as political and military, Pasto and Quito had to intervene, and if it was possible to arrive on time for the “Battle of Quito” which would be the responsibility Sucre; However, Pasto’s opposition was strong and there was no way to cross that territory, e.g. Royal troops They were strengthened by the unwavering support of the inhabitants of the region who were “more realistic than the king”; However, Bolivar was determined to overcome this obstacle, which is why their behavior in various conflicts Colombian troops He was, to a greater degree, brilliant, more than heroic; They have fought in the most adverse conditions. The Spanish position in the center was not only reckless, but a Suicide. The chief and the soldiers knew they were going to one Definite death And they faced danger without fear. Thus almost all the assault commanders who entered the Battle of Bombona fell on the steep cliffs of the Juanambu River that surrounded the present divisional capital, Narino, the Bogota Battalion was destroyed, and Vargas was little more than destroyed. Satisfaction of heroic victory.

After this important War work Where it was made April 7, 1822 Bolivar defeated Basilio GarciaTo alleviate his frustration, the acting commander of the state, General Colonel Joaquin, received news from Germany that Sucre won Pichincha May 24, which allows Bolivar to proceed to Pasto and then to Quito. The Liberator entered that city on June 8, 1822, later shouting. “Now all our beautiful countries are independent. The conquests of Bombay and Pichincha have completed the work of your heroism. From the shores of Orinoco to the Andes of Peru, the Liberation Army marched victoriously, covering the entire expansion of Colombia with its defensive weapons.

On June 16, 1822, Bolivar entered the Audience capital. I was waiting for him there Manuela Sange, Who wrote in his Diaryo de Quito: “As we approached the step from our porch, I took the crown of roses and the tip of the laurel and threw it so that it fell in front of his horse; But fortunately it landed with His Majesty’s (His Majesty’s) chest with all the force to fall on the jacket. I blushed in shame Redeemer He looked up and saw that my arms were outstretched, but he smiled and greeted me with the blue hat he was carrying. “

One frequent confusion is Simon Bolivar’s participation in #BatallaDePichincha. Was ‘Liberator’ present or wasn’t # 24DeMayo? Https://

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