Binayam was born on April 2, in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. Photo: Instagram Binayam Girmaye

Eritrean Corridor, The exchange is hotThe tenth stage is imposed Italy spin The African Rider’s first win in the (Middle East) Grand Tour on Tuesday 17 May at Jesse.

The 22-year-old Giram is taking part in the Italian round for the first time, so this is it Victory is historic For him and for his nation.

He has been a professional since 2020. Eritrean He has eight wins to his name, three of them in 2022, the year he confirmed all his cycling prospects.

There is nothing new

At the end of March he was Dr. First African To win a classic (Ghent-Wavelejem), a win that opened the door to be considered one of the best riders of the year.

The first big bell was given in 1947 World Road Championship 2021, When he won silver in the long-distance competition in the U23 division, leaving behind Italian Filippo Barnsini. This medal earned him the main hero of a great parade in his country.

He was born on April 2, 2000 AsmaraWhich is not only the capital EritreaAlthough it is the most populous city in the country, it lives in San Marino.

His life was not as good as most of the families in the area. Their parents had to go out of their way to fetch food for their children.

Girme is a cyclist who weighs 70 kg and is 1.84 meters tall, a physical feature that makes him one of the strongest and most effective men in the pack.

He left the country for sports. Inside Eritrea They do not allow athletes to leave because they fear they will not return, in a kind of political stalemate. Girmay was lucky World Cycling CenterAigale (Switzerland) is a high performance center of the International Cycling Union.

He traveled to survive that experience when he was 17, and in his first race in Europe, he lost to none other than the Belgian, Remco Ewenpoel.

Great victory

In Ghent-Wavelagen he broke all prophecies. He came to define victory in the last 200 meters and defeated the men in height Christohe Laporte and Driss van GastelWho remained ‘seeing a spark’ in the face of the powerful rhythm of Eritrean.

“This historic victory is very important for me, for my team, for African cycling! Since the E3 Classic, my first Flemish classic, I fell in love with the shoemaker. I didn’t hesitate for a moment when the team gave me a chance to end my spring with Ghent-Wavelagem, but I never imagined I would end this day with a victory, because it’s hard to climb Flemish classics without experience, “he said at the time.

And if that victory has been exciting for him, what can I say that he will be the first of many to have achieved what he has achieved at Giro this Tuesday, on a world tour, defeating a great one, Matthew van der Powell, And coordinates his country’s first win in this competition.

He was celebrating his victory and ended up in the hospital. Unusual injury experienced at #GiroDeItalia »

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