The creators of Microsoft have revealed that vaccinations for people over the age of 50 must continue. Photo: EFE

Its creator is Bill Gates MicrosoftThe main one has been Preacher Its creation Policy To prevent spread Coronavirus Worldwide. In a recent interview with CNN, he stated that there is a need to increase the adult population. Dosage From VaccineSomething important to end the health crisis.

“People between the ages of 50 and 60 must do it Get vaccinated Every six months for infectious prevention, ”Gates told CNN.

He also said that people over the age of 60 must be vaccinated more than once a year Vaccine Plus Efficient Against the virus.

“The investment that should be made is a more effective vaccine that lasts a lifetime and, in addition, helps people. InfectedBut we don’t have it yet. People are tired of hearing ExtremeBut it is important that they are vaccinated, “said Gates.

Why don’t some people get vaccinated?

That’s why people don’t do it They vaccinateSome people believe that the highlight Conspiracy theory That surrounds him for his participation Production From VaccineBut they are false statements.

“I don’t know why they think I’m curious Location Of Person. I still laugh at that idea, but if it hinders people VaccinatedSo it’s sad. “

Gates also discusses the theory that he is helping Investigation On Vaccine Just for the purpose of getting Advantage For yourself.

“You know, we’ve paid and saved billions for vaccines Millions From Life. However, there are some people who believe that we are trying Make money With vaccines and without trying to save lives. This is a popular conspiracy theory, “he said.

He also commented that such reading is more attractive to people News Based on science. In fact, he does not understand how theorists Conspiracy They assume that there is always something wrong behind complex biology, such as so-called microchips.

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