President of Ecuador, William LassoThis announcement was made on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, that Bernard Manzano Will be new Agriculture Minister Md. He will resign after the resignation Pedro AlavaWho put off pending a solution Crisis Of the sector Banana tree.

During his weekly link ‘Let’s meet for citizenship’ from Guayaquil, Lasso said he would be the new head of agriculture. Obsessed Tomorrow, in Quito. There were apple trees Manager A banana orchard, to which belongs Alvaro Noboa.

Lasso’s first year in government

“With the new Minister of Agriculture, on this occasion, I will dedicate much more time to small producers in the agricultural productive sector than in the first year. Everything was not bad news, ”said the President.

In addition, he explained that they start in January Credit 1% and has a 30-year term and that To distribute Over USD 65 million.

According to the President, in his first year May 24 Thereafter, he focused on stabilizing public finance.

Once this is achieved, “where no one doubts the existence or sustainability of dollarisation, because this is a year where I am going to dedicate a lot of government efforts to work for the productive sector, the arts sector, the industry. The rice sector”, he added. Does.

Also made one Clarification He was about to make an announcement during his visit Uruguay Related To import Milk and meat products. “Everything I said in Uruguay was out of context. I don’t think importing milk from Uruguay is enough if Ecuador produces enough milk. Not meat production, “he said.

Due to which he has admitted International situation As a result, prices of agricultural inputs increase. “We will see how urea can be imported directly to create a subsidy that allows farmers to purchase at a reasonable price,” he noted. Other input imports will also be analyzed.

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