The tablets donated by the municipality of Guayaquil are offered for sale on social networks. Photo: Guakil Municipality

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About 18 people have been condemned Municipality of Guayaquil To sell Tablets That this entity delivered in 2021 Students High school highlights.

Cabildo representatives show their discomfort in this situation, but point out that it is a Minimal practiceSince 2021, they have distributed more than 122,000 of these technological devices

However, nonetheless Complaint And the instability of the municipality, the beneficiaries advertise these devices on social networks, which include a case, keyboard, expandable memory and Logo of Guayaquil Municipality And the Public Company for the Advancement of Social Work and Education in the Mayor’s Office (DASE).

“It’s new, it’s never been used, it works like a phone,” Andy, one of the sellers, responded to the chat. He offered to take it south of town.

Advertising like Andy’s number on portals for selling articles.

Prices range from USD 50 to USD 100 and are negotiated just like any internet sale: at the final price and for the convenience of the parties at the place of delivery.

The price paid by the municipality for each of these tablets $ 90. The brand supplies the Italian and Madrid governments, with a plan similar to that of Guayaquil.

Signed pledge

This is when a student benefits TabletsHe was given a prize certificate, with which he had to go to a municipal company to pick up the technical device.

During delivery, you are forced to sign a signature Promise To keep the device, not to sell it and to use it for academic activities. In support of the project, the mayor’s office has promoted free internet points in several suburban urban areas of the city.

Despite this signed pledge, They are sold. This document is one that allowed municipal employees to denounce the 18 people who sold these devices to the prosecutor’s office.

“It’s 0.001% of what’s being sold,” he said. George Akaituri, Class manager. Despite the small number, the impact on morale is widespread.

“We have made a great effort, a financial engineering that could be able to deliver 25,000 to 122,000 tablets per year,” he noted.

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