Ecuador defender Piero Hinkapie wins fans’ sympathy Buyer LeverkusenThe German team remembers the goal against Teranga in the qualifying round on its official account.

This time, they joked about a photo of Esmeraldeno from the German cast’s social networks, where the message “City scorer” mentions his own goal against him. Paraguay 2022 in the South American qualifiers in Qatar.

Piero Hincapie’s match

Piero Hincapié played 31 games in his first season in European football. He has also scored two goals, one in the Bundesliga and another in the Europa League.

In the German tournament, Piero played a total of 25 games, 19 of which started with an average of 68 minutes per game.

According to the site, Ecuador’s central defender has maintained 82 percent accuracy in his passes, made 1.2 interceptions per game and won 56 percent of his air and ground doubles.

In the Europa League, Hinkapiye has played six games and started five with an average of 72 minutes per game and was once included in the best team of the week.

His stats at international tournaments were as follows: he has 84 percent accuracy, 1.3 odds per game and he has won 48 percent of his doubles games.

Buyer Leverkusen is in third place Bundesliga With 58 points left in the Championship, three points are needed to ensure Bayer’s presence in the UEFA Champions League.

His next match will be this Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 08:30 Ecuador time against Hoffenheim.

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