Argentine DT Edgardo Bauza instructed while managing the league in the 2008 Copa Libertadores

Edgardo BauzaThere was a technical director who made history with Liga de Quito because he was the first and only winner Libertadores Cup Play for an Ecuadorian team and so on Club World CupAll in 2008.

“Being Manchester is worth 300 million More dollars than us, it doesn’t matter, but we know we’re eleven as opposed to eleven, “Bauza said in an interview before facing Manchester United. Club World Cup final.

League of Quito All the champions of the various confederations have qualified for the tournament, which brings together teams, To win the Copa Libertadores in 2008. That tournament was held in Japan.

Many remember the speech Paton made before confronting the league players. The ‘Red Devils’.

We rarely dreamed of coming hereBut we have this potential, and out of competition, out of importance, Other than that we really won thisBauza noted, emphasizing what the white team did before the tournament.

The strategist continues to harass the team, noting that the credit goes to the players exclusively, “Let’s try to enjoy it too. We’re going to play it to the limit“She kept going.

His speech ended with the following words: “The most important When the game is over we go there (pointing to the dressing room door) Keep your head up. “

League Pachuka was eliminated in the previous round and qualified for the final (Mexico) with 2-0 result. In the last match, they faced the then champions of the Champions League, Manchester United.

Although Albos lost only for one goal Wayne Rooney. Ecuador team despite the loss

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