Barcelona Spend your busy week. There is Is provided A game for South American Cup Thursday, April 14, 2022 and from the other Ligapro Sunday, April 17, 2022.

Yellow is a start The weather With all the lights in Ligapro Is Absolute pointer With 19 points out of 21 possible. On the 7th they took a difference of six units League From QuitoStanding II.

In the cup South American They started with a 4-2 win over the Montevideo Wanderers. The results allow them Leadership The In group A. After a date in the group episode.

On 14 April (19:30 Ecuador time), he will visit Lanus Inside Argentina. The match is important if one is to be considered in the tournament InternationalOnly Will be classified first From Eighth From The final.

After the match, the focus should be on the 8th of Ligapro. Will make it from Visitors Considering League From Quito In the stadium Rodrigo Paz Delgado. The pointer collision is scheduled for April 17 at 18:00.

Its press department Canary Published April 11 Itinerary What? They will meet This week. What stands out is after the game Buenos AiresThey will fly Direct A Quito On a charter flight.

They will arrive The capital of Ecuador They will go live on the afternoon of April 12 Concentrates For him Conflict Against Albos. They came from 9:30 on April 13 Training It is Complex From National.

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