Barcelona is at the top with 26 points. Photo: Twitter Barcelona

Akas Local beatings Barcelona And roses in Table. The Shipyard team had other results and, despite the defeat, Continue as Leader Upstairs Ligapro.

From the start of the game, Akas wanted to excite his opponent and in the first minute Francisco made a comeback on the head of Fidrezewski. Barcelona showed a conservative game and, although it crossed midfield, it did not cause dangerous action.

The Oriental They made the game and tried to push their territory. In the 16th minute, after a ball left their field, they were able to take the lead.

Fydrizewsky took the ball again and dived into it Stroke When the Bullfighter tried to return to the defense. From the left he hooks and sends a low center towards the area.

The Keeper Cadre arrived at his property from Guayaquil but they were uncomfortable. With the help of Luis Angel Cano, he shot into the goal and the ball hit Byron Castillo, after a rebound, Victor Figuero rejoined.

Captain’s shot Akas Javier Burai was able to save him but the goalkeeper’s action was not enough. Castillo slid over the line to clear the ball but had already crossed the line.

The initial part of it VAR It was given a few minutes later to determine a possible red card. Gonzalo Maestriani and Edison Cassedo swept at the same time and there was one Shock, The Barcelona striker came late and hit his opponent’s tibia. Action has earned him one Yellow card.

After he scored his goal, Akas locked himself in his field and decided to wait for Barcelona. Sometimes he is encouraged to leave Kickback Or with aerial passes and a vertical game is recommended.

The efforts of the Canary Squad were futile to break the fence when the homeowner got another chance but wasted it.

Towards the end of the first half Carlos Cuero counter-attacked and Castillo’s goal bounced off the area. VAR had to intervene and, while reviewing the play, the central judge decided to give one Punishment.

The action became a cry for the Barcelona side, who are living a turbulent current life and his game was not good. After launch, Fydrizewski stung the ball and made it 2-0.

In In the second halfBarcelona was superior in terms of his actions and endlessly sought after Tie. His goal from the penalty was 53.

Its assistant referees Video They again interfered with the action rule. Damien Diaz was in charge of enforcing it and providing discounts for the bullfighters.

In the penalty shootout, ‘Kitu’ hits Damien Frascarelli’s right post and defeats him. To speed up the game, he grabbed the ball and carried it to the center of the field.

The Opportunity That they have ruined Bullfighting In the rest of the complementary stage they were more. Similarly, the Akas defense was tough and did not allow their victory to escape.

Despite DefeatStays from Barcelona Leader Upstairs Position table Added fourth game in a row with 27 points and no wins. The Aucas rose to fifth place with 23 units.

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