The Guakil-Machala Stays closed for the third day in a row El Guabo Canton. Small producer star a Banana strike Inside GoldDemand for disrespect Official box price From export.

The Ecuadorian Transit Commission (CTE) This Wednesday, April 13, 2022, reported the closure of the Machala-El Guabo road at the entrance to the Canton Roundabout, blocking traffic between Guayaquil and the capital of Orens.

The road is also closed at its gas station El Guabor Driver’s Union. And the passage to the La Iberia Bridge is partially enabled. When protesters confirmed that traffic was stopped at another point Passage-Rio becomes Bonito.

The second solanoOf Orens Art Association (ABO), indicating that 5% of production damaged by the Russia-Ukraine war affects all marketing. For this reason, they demanded that the national government declare a state of emergency.

Proposal without answer

Solano recalls that four weeks ago they offered the government at least 1.2 million acquisitions Bunch of collars, Distributed among the population. The proposal proposes that the purchase of 35 clusters per hectare (at USD 3) be then suspended from producers at USD 0.05 per hectare. Export box.

“The idea is to oxygenate small and medium producers to avoid internal stress and speculation,” Solano said. But no answer, Banana strike Indefinite, he adds.

The Marketing crisis It affects 4,500 small and medium-sized growers in a 50,000-hectare crop area in El Oro. Farmers condemn loss of family resources and source of employment in a province that depends on it Banana and shrimp production.

The Recurring allegations That Exporters They force producers to run USD 6.25 per box – the official price – when in reality they receive USD 1 per box.

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