The art union met to announce the decision of its assembly in the province of El Oro. Photo: Courtesy

The Banana growers Analyze its resolution Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) with respect Motivation.

The entity announced on Friday, May 20, 2022 Plan 4,000 to benefit Slightly higher Banana treeWhich has up to 10 hectares of cultivation.

Measurements are mitigated Industrial crisisThose who feel its effects Conflict Russia Ukraine. Non-departure of product, through ExportAttendance generated Sigatok disease Black In the garden

The The farmer Asked for emergency help and discussed with officials Government. The members of the union viewed the decision of the MAG as positive. Although others consider that it is not integral.

Banana farmers announced a Unemployment For this Monday, May 23, 2022.

Leaders advised by this newspaper did not deny their position Day of consolidation. But they also do not deny postponing it until they come to a conclusion State benefits Biased according to their interests.

Segundo Solano, its president El Oro Banana Farmers Association, Reminding that they have given the government 24 hours to be present at their request. The Resolution It was unanimously approved at a general assembly held at the hall of El Oro Prefecture.

It was decided to run it there Seedlings And Blocked Of Entry A Ilport, Puerto Bolivar and Rio Bonito Road. Solano mentioned that Condition This is it Criticism. Such farms had to be closed down due to the Sigatoka plague and others are in a kind of quarantine and therefore unproductive.

Another reality is that they Very low salary To small producers. They are paid between USD 0.80 and 1 per box of fruit.

According to the leader, that is Dr. Price That’s different from what exporters do Price From Government support Which is 6.25.

The Guild They emphasize that will be done Inspection In Business To complete the official transaction.

The Proposal The MAG includes a reform to serve producers Executive Decree 1127. “The purpose is to eliminate the possibility of duplication of fruit quality control. The proposal is that quality inspections are done only at the time of delivery to the packer. “

In its announcement MAG It is indicated that Executive Decree 183 will be revoked, to avoid the possibility of issuing approval for planting. New planting From Banana.

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