Banana growers in the province Gold, rivers and guas This Monday, April 11, 2022, the government took to the track to ask Concrete work For the benefit of farmers who have small orchards.

The producer wanted Respect the value of support And the government buys the fruit Medium and small farmsDue to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine caused a drop in demand, which is a region Exported 20% of production.

The government announces measures

Government Has recently announced a series of arrangements and approvals Do not respect the official value of that company 6.25 For 18 kg collar box. But producers have noted that this is not enough.

“The government promises and promises, but it doesn’t specify,” said Eduardo Novello, producer of El Trunfo.

Banana growers occupy the road at the following points:

  • Machala – El Guabo, El Oro
  • Inca Port, Guas
  • Entering El Trunfo, Guayaquil
  • San Juan, Los Rios.

Segundo Solano, a spokesman for the National Federation of Banana Growers, said: “The collar has collapsed, it’s broken.”Fenabe) El Oro. The blockade was carried out by agricultural vehicles.

Producers emphasize a Dialogue with the government To join at your request. “The government buys bunches from small banana growers or supplies them with smoke, which is the most expensive,” Navillo said.

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