The road is closed for the second day in a row. Producer Banana tree They closed the entrance to the canton GuaboUpstairs Province of El OroThis Tuesday April 12, 2012.

Producers claim Government National which is honored Official price Of Collar box Exports (fixed at USD 6.25). They requested a state of emergency for the sector. In El Guabo, the road is blocked by dumped stones and pebbles.

Segundo Lozano, spokesman National Federation of Banana Farmers (Fenabe) El Orote says that Unemployment It’s character Unspecified. The manager maintained that the protests in El Guabo would continue until a response was received from the government.

Affects a part of the closure Guakil-Machala, Where dozens of people perform Transfer To reach their destination. When the drivers Truck Take a risk Narrow gaugeAt the end of a channel, by El Sauce SectorEl Oro to reach the capital.

About 8,000 Producer Make sure they have Loss For USD 16 million last week. The sector has warned that the crisis has put about 50,000 at risk Jobs.

Official values ​​are not respected

Repeated claims that Exporters Of Fruit They are disrespectful The lowest price By Collar box And they’re actually shooting less than $ 2 per box.

What’s more, Minister of Agriculture, Pedro AlavaSaid that 40 companies have been identified Exporters For “alleged violations” at official prices.

Álava announced at a press conference that action would be taken against the fraudulent companies Small producerWhile waiting President of the Republic Declaration a System package On behalf of the Union.

For their part, Exporters The latter indicates the impossibility of paying the official price Marketing problems, Damming Y. Additional supplies Fruits associated with the war between Russia and Ukraine. It is estimated that more than 6 million boxes of bananas have not been exported.

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