Natural Malecon has a new attraction: a whale monument on top of a pool. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio

The Peace Which exists The beach From Small whaleCanton is located five minutes from downtown St. Helen. Its increase Traveler attractions From small town Fishermen Attracting more The audience.

In its municipality St. Helen They estimate that the beach occupies 90 percent of the weekend Power (1,400 swimmers). And a few hotels – a handful of places – registered 10 to 15 percent more clients than before the epidemic.

Traditionally, a place for parish Summer house The people of Guayaquil in the province of Santa Elena. Douglas Dillon, a hotelier, says it’s a Destination For him BreakThe Disconnected Reconnection with the city and with nature.

A panoramic viewpoint stands like a lighthouse 35 meters from the sea. It opened in 2018 and changed the look of Balenita. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / The Trade

It is a beautiful little town where people want to recover HealthBecause it has a Climate Special benefits throughout the year, says Dillon. He runs Farallon Dillon inn, at the top of the Capaes sector of the city. The hotel has 15 rooms, a great view of the coastal profile and 26 years Tradition.

The Nautical Gallery Displays sculptures in the inn WoodFurniture, handicrafts, antiques and even pieces of a boat transformed into parts of an ancient sinking Spanish galleon.

A place to take selfies

Tourist Server agrees that it was launched in 2018 Peer Natural Balenita renews visitors’ interest. One type of dock faces the sea 35 meters off the coast and ends at a two-level panoramic viewpoint, like a lighthouse, which attracts Tourists.

The Peer It covers an area of ​​1,140 square meters, has stairs and ramps to enter the beach, fish figures and a tail. Whale Take a bath on the wall or outdoor shower.

It is named after the urban parish on the Santa Elena Peninsula Whale Humpbacks visit its shores between June and September. Besides, it was inaugurated in the municipality a year ago Peer Inspirational monuments. A six-meter cetacean with open wings stands in a pool.

Jefferson Tigrero, manager of the municipal public company Imturismo, indicated that plans were afoot to open a water park with a swimming pool and slides at the entrance to Santa Elena Canton within two months. The three hectare park will have a track Skateboarding And playgrounds, among other recreational areas.

The Lovers of Sumpa Site Museum has archeological and ethnographic exhibitions of the culture of the peninsula. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio

“In addition to Balenita Beach, we have the nearby Chulluip resort, which is used by surfers,” said Tigrero. Between Balenita and Chululip, the other surf spots are Pico Loco and El Castillo. Tourist points of interest include the view of El Tablazo Mountain, the wooden cathedral and the Amantes de Sumpa Museum.

Built over 8,000 years old, the museum houses an archeological exhibit, a house Traditional farmerOne area of ​​use and customs on the peninsula and another area of ​​navigation.

“The Las Vegas Cultural Cemetery is the oldest in South America,” said Javier Bajan, a museum guide. In the mountains, 200 skeletons of the first coastal settlers were excavated and found, five of them unearthed in glass columns, including two “lovers” who gave the museum its name, the guide said.

The Skeleton A man and a woman between the ages of 20 and 25 have been embraced there since the Stone Age.

Since 2007, Pico Loco Viewpoint has operated eight general food restaurants. It is located north of the beach. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio


Location. The fishing community is located just five kilometers from Santa Elena Canton. And about two hours by car from Guayaquil (132 km, from the main port).

Climate. Temperatures range from about 23 to 26 degrees Celsius, with the warmest season being December to May and the coldest, June to November. Whales visit the country’s coast between June and September each year.
The surf spot has a 1.6 km extension, which is similar to the 200 m rocky area. A curve along the coast, like a small ridge, allows a medium swelling.

Gastronomy based on fish, shrimp, shells, squid, oysters and octopuses is another attraction of this area. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / El Commerceio

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