March 27, Puerto Rican urban genre singer Bad rabbit He collapsed while giving a concert in the United States. The reaction of the reggaeton player was to enjoy the fun of this moment lying on the stage.

The incident occurred during a presentation of his tour ‘The Last Tour of the World’, In Atlanta, Georgia, USA, while Bad Bunny was performing one of his best known songs: If I See Your Mother.

In a very moving moment of the song, Puerto Rican began to jump on stage to cheer the public. In one of those rice, Bad rabbit He did not support his body weight and lay flat on his back on the stage.

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His fans were worried, the singer said Very hard hit And he hurt himself. However, the reggaeton player made a mark with his hand that showed that everything was fine.

The bad rabbit raised his arm and asked Public Don’t stop singing. I knowThe audience They realized that the fall was nothing serious and kept reciting the lyrics.

Later, the singer got up from the field and continued the show as if nothing had happened.

It was a fun moment Caught in the video By several people present, who spread the clip on social networks Several users thought that the singer’s response was professional and very original.

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