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Authorities have warned of unauthorized fundraising

The Bank Superintendent (SB) Has created warnings about unauthorized fundraising. The agency said on April 4, 2022, in the face of new lawsuits against the accused legal entities.

In a statement, SB warned of the illegality of the operation “Fortunately the digital asset is CIA. LTDA“, March 31. At the time, he noted that the firm was not authorized to conduct exclusive operations for the stock market.

Last weekend, the national police conducted a raid and the money from the account almost went bankrupt 7 million An accused in the context of an investigation Accepting unauthorized moneyOf that company. The Office of the State Attorney General (FGE) has indicated that it may have used companies to make offers. Investment services On financial platforms, e.g. Stock exchange, Forex, Action And Cryptocurrency.

The SB noted that it permanently warns of “unauthorized entities conducting operations”
Financial ”, through various institutional channels, for the knowledge of the general public.

On Entity’s website, people can find information on companies that are not suitable for investment. Currently there 126 Unauthorized entity Run financial activities.

Joint action to raise unauthorized funds

The company added that it works closely with it FGE, Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE) And other state agencies.

To fight fraud, the SB urges citizens to act with caution and to be informed by government sources, to avoid falling prey to scams and criminals.

Section 323 of it Comprehensive criminal code Anyone who “openly, secretly, organizes, develops and promotes, is liable to imprisonment for five to seven years.” Financial intermediation Without approval LegalFor the purpose of capturing Illegally Its money Public Fit Habitual And Huge

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